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Pro zobrazení české verze této stránky klikněte sem.

After using several different social networks and activity feeds, I decided to create my own. It allows anyone to follow me without having to create any sort of account or installing any application (unless he/she wants to). It will also keep working regardless of any company discontinuing / limiting its service. In short:

 - - - And now, about those personalized RSS feeds

I make an effort to dutifully label all my posts using hashtags. On this page, you can generate RSS feeds that contain only posts with selected hashtags or all posts excluding those with selected hashtags.

A few RSS feed examples:

Watch their URLs. Editing them (manually) allows you to create any customized feed or feeds according to your needs. The selected hashtag combination is also reflected in the feed title.

NOTE: Those webpages lilnked above look awful but they have only informative character. If you add those feeds to your RSS reader, you will subscribe to exactly same rich data as in the original kompost.cz feed (see "Level 2" above). "Level 2" and "Level 3" formats are identical and only differ in the post selection. "Level 2" contains all posts, "Level 3" only posts selected according to chosen hashtags. Also, "Level 3" posts have better (more descriptive) titles, because I generate them from the post contents ("Level 2" posts all have rather unhelpful title that says "Fuxoft has posted").

Currently, my most recent 57 posts contain the following hashtags (sorted by frequency): #czech (15), #film (11), #insta (9), #humor (8), #politics (7), #games (7), #fffilm (6), #dogs (5), #nerdy (5), #programming (5), #music (4), #internet (3), #retro (3), #edgyhumor (3), #fuxoft (3), #boardgames (2), #wtf (2), #linux (2), #rpg (1), #nintendo (1), #crap (1), #translating (1), #journalism (1), #reddit (1), #racism (1), #audio (1), #poland (1), #ghibli (1), #bazar (1).

Explanation of specific frequently used hashtags:

If you are interested in technical implementation of these feeds, look here and weep.